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Rain Poncho

Rainkiss combines recycled materials and responsible manufacturing with cutting-edge designs. Creating unisex ponchos that blends both functionality with fashion forward prints and art inspired colourways. Each print is hand designed in-house and can feature up to 7 colours and some surprising collaborations.

Rainkiss ponchos are made from 100% certified recycled polyester, which is very different from virgin polyester. Recycled polyester uses PET (plastic bottles) as the raw material. Recycling these bottles into new material so it doesn’t end up in landfills.

Rainkiss designer rain ponchos are easy to carry, easy to wear and offer an inclusive one-size fits all design. No matter your size, big or small… Rainkiss will keep you dry and looking fabulous.

Rainkiss is located in Amsterdam and specialises in sustainable designer rain ponchos. At Rainkiss we are on a on a mission to replace single use plastic ponchos with a fashion forward sustainable rain poncho.

Rainkiss Rain Ponchos are cut to perfection with taped seams and are a 100% waterproof and unisex. These beautiful ponchos will keep you seriously dry. Not only is the looks and quality of a Rainkiss rain poncho important but also how it’s made. We only work with recycled materials like 100% recycled polyester.

Who needs the sun when you can dress in style in a fashionable and sustainable waterproof poncho from Rainkiss.

Get excited for rain, get Rainkiss.

Mini me, mini you

Mini Me, mini you, mini Rainkiss for kids!  Create the cutest matching rain poncho outfits for mommy & me for girls and daddy & me for boys. Choose from a selection of matching adult & kids styles.

Rainkiss Kids rain ponchos are easy to carry, easy to wear and offers two unique Kids sizes with plenty of ‘room to grow’. Whether your ‘little one’ is between 100 & 120 cm or 120 cm & 160 cm, our simple two-size system will ensure their Rainkiss is easy to wear and fits for many rainy season to come.  Kids grow up fast but that doesn’t mean their Rainkiss shouldn’t last.