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Replace your Towel for a Good Cause!

The countdown for vacation has already started yeah!!!…so the most of us go through our wardrobes to find the essentials for packing our suitcases.

Step back for a minute and check what is happening in your wardrobe.

Do you really need all that stuff?

If not, what can you do with them?

Don’t through them away Pleaseee!!

You can give them a second life ….

Let us introduce the Textile Recycling

Did you know that every year, only the Athenians are throwing away from their wardrobes, almost 100.000 tones of old clothes, linen and  textiles!

Of these, only 10% are reused in charity level, while another 10% are still marketable products and passed on the shelves as cheap second hand clothes

The remaining 80,000 tons of clothes and linen, regardless of the quality and condition, are thrown in the garbage, adding burden to the already burdened landfill at Ano Liosia.  (source:

Pestemal Eco Friendly Approach

We are committed to do eco friendly fashion as both our products and our philosophy is devoted in protecting the environment.

Pestemals are produced by bamboo a hardy, highly renewable grass that is generally grown with few chemical inputs. This fabric also has natural antibacterial properties, breathes and is biodegradable.

As a company, we are trying our best to work in ecofriendly business practices and we want to join forces with you to promote the sustainable fashion.

Replace Your Towel Project

So in an attempt to inspire you share our vision we reached to the Replace Your Towel Project.

All you have to do is to send us your old towel… we will send it for recycling and we will send you back a brand new Pestemal.


How to participate

The steps to participate are two:

1. Send us an email at [email protected] or a personal message at our Facebook Page  to confirm your participation.


2. Send us your old towel at Ekataiou 26, Neos Kosmos, Athens.

The replacement is valid for 50 entries.

(if the participations are more than 50 the winners will be picked up through a random draw.)

The project ends at 22nd of August.

The bundles gathered will be sent to the company Freedom Hellas that is specialized in textile recycling.

Stay tuned at our Social Media for Replace Your Towel Project news  and more Textile Recycling tips !

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