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GIVE AWAY Mykonos Pestemal






Visit our Pestemalgr Instagram account and follow the steps in the related post!




The Giveaway post will be live for 10 days since its publication date and you will have the chance to win if you follow the steps given in the related post.

The winner will be announced via electronic draw on the date given on the Giveaway post in the platform of Instagram


Prize of the competition: 1 Mykonos Pestemal


The winner will be announced by an online drawing system that ensures there is no human intervention in it.


The draw will take place at the Pestemal offices. If for any reason it is not possible to conduct the online lottery on the aforementioned day and time, Pestemal reserves the right to change that day and time by prior notice.


The winner will be contacted by personal message and via story. If a winner does not respond within 24 hours of the draw, Pestemal will contact the first runner-up (3 runners-up in total). If the first (1st) runner-up does not respond within 24 hours, Pestemal will contact the next runner-up for whom the exact same procedure will be repeated. In case communication is not possible with any of the runners-up, then the Gift will be CANCELED. During the electronic communication, the winner will be asked for his full details (name, mobile phone number) for the possibility of verifying the identity upon delivery of the Prize.


The gift is specific, personal and can’t be exchanged, nor can it be requested to be replaced with another or redeemed in cash, at any price. Pestemal bears no responsibility for anything related to the above prize, other than delivery to the winner. Pestemal is released from the obligation to deliver a gift in cases where in any way the terms of participation in the competition have not been met.


The winner, by participating in the Competition, unconditionally consents to the above without the payment of any fee or compensation. Without prejudice to the above, the refusal of the winner to participate in a relevant advertising program or other announcement or refusal to include his name in listings, if called for this, legitimizes Pestemal to refuse the relevant Prize, or to withdraw it. Participation in the competition implies the explicit and unconditional consent of the participant for the registration of personal data concerning him in a file to be kept by the company, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation for Personal Data Protection GDPR.


Participation in the competition constitutes an automatic and unconditional acceptance of these General Terms and the existing restrictions based on GDPR, without any further charge or procedure.



Good luck to all!